The Ultimate Travel Clothing is Coming Soon!

T-shirts and Jeans so comfortable you’ll feel like traveling in jammies but look so cool you could party with them.


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Pack less, enjoy more

Bad smell comes from bacteria, if we kill bacteria we kill bad smell. Our patented anti-odor/bacteria/wrinkle fibers allow you to use our clothes for up to 20 days without washing them. Do the math, that’s 20X less luggage space and 20X less water and time spent on laundry.

Key Features

Wrinkle resistant

Say goodbye to ironing. These clothes are really good at keeping wrinkles away.

Anti-wrinkle, wrinkle resistant

No more washing clothes

Less washing, more living

Our patented anti-smell technology allows you to use our clothes for around 20 days without washing them. Do the math, 20X less water and time spent on laundry.

Anti-inflammatory Copper Fibers

Our patented fibers contain a blend of copper that helps reduce inflammation and reduce joint pain. This is specially useful for those long travel journeys where everything hurts when you arrive to your destination.

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Extremely comfortable

Comfort could be the single most important feature when traveling. We use state of the art fibers that are extremely soft to the touch and dry incredibly fast to keep your skin as comfortable as possible. You’ll look so good you could go to a party with them but feel like you are traveling in pajamas.

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2X Better Than Merino Wool

Our fibers compared to Merino Wool:

  • Kill 2X more bacteria.

  • Are 3X more durable.

  • Feel way softer and more luxurious.

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Silver Free Fabrics

Silver is a heavy metal and one of the most polluting minerals on earth. Our patented technologies achieve the same levels of Anti-bacterial properties without any type of pollution.