Process to claim your perks

The Frenchie Co.’s new products are launched through crowdfunding campaigns. If you have contributed to one of our campaigns there are some simple steps we will ask you to follow in order to ship your product.

Once your product is ready to ship we will send you an email called: "(Name of product) - Register your order and have it shipped!". This email might end up in your spam folder so if you don't see it in your inbox please check your spam as well.  We will also make continuous updates as to which backers, depending on their contribution numbers have already received their emails.

The email contains very simple instructions to register your order on our system. We will ask you to visit our website through a secret link and fill out your shipping information. We need you to follow these so we can create shipping labels and have your products shipped as soon as possible. 

Terms and Conditions

All campaign backers have one year from the moment of their purchase to claim their perk. Backers are welcome to contact us either through the crowdfunding platform, through social media, through our contact forms or directly to our email support@thefrenchieco.com