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Speed Cockpit - Update 2

Hey, racers!

First off, we want to explain a little bit about how your reservation works. With the USD 20 you paid for, you will have a 40% discount on the Speed Chair + Desk + Cockpit, along with a USD 20 credit code you can use anytime on our store for a future purchase, and a special surprise we will be revealing soon!

Thus, the prices for you, with the reservation, will be:

  •         Speed Chair: $298 instead of $498.
  •         Speed Chair + Desk: $368 instead of $649.
  •         Speed Chair + Cockpit: $348 instead of $598.

Please note that 1 reservation equals 1 of the combos illustrated above. If you wish to purchase more than one of them, you’ll need another membership.

On the other hand, we wanted to let you know it’s been a long week of hard work, in which the design team has made incredible progress on our Speed Chair. We have performed several trials and they have all exceeded our expectations.

We feel really confident moving forward on bringing this one of a kind product to life, as we are sure it will be the best on the market!

Please share this project with any friends you think might need this. We would appreciate it!

The Frenchie Co.



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