1. How does the wallet stay on the back of the phone?

The wallet attaches magnetically to the back of the phone. This only works with iPhone series 12 and 13:


2. What prevents the wallet from sliding?

The edges on the case are designed to fit the bottom of the wallet and prevent it from sliding on the back of the phone, the wallet is also attached magnetically to the back of the phone and is easy to remove. 

   3. Can I choose different case and wallet colors?

You can purchase a 3 pack which includes 3 cases with the same color wallet. You can then mix and match.


 4. What keeps cards inside?

The wallet has an internal mechanism that keeps cards from sliding out, you can have 3 to 4 cards at a time and they will not come out. 

5. How do you fan the cards out?

Push them slightly from the top right corner and then slide the cards on the bottom, choose the card you need and slide them back in.

6. How stable is the stand

It keeps the phone standing in vertical and horizontal modes using the edges on the case against the edges of the wallet. Stability may change depending on the surface. We do not recommend tapping the screen too hard while on stand mode.