Copper is infused by making active copper ions react with chemical bonds in polyester, creating copper-polyester fibers. These are woven together with other materials to create each fabric with the following composition:




Studies have shown that copper kills viruses and bacteria within minutes of exposure. It is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties. 



Elastane makes our fabrics stretchy, making them very comfortable to wear and move around in.



Modal provides softnessbreathability and durability to the t-shirts, giving them a luxury feel as well.



Viscose allows our jeans to feel as soft as pajamas.



Cotton gives our jeans fabric the traditional denim look.



You can wear your antibacterial clothing for longer than regular clothes because of its properties. Keep in mind the following directions: 

  • Use deodorant before putting on your antibacterial t-shirt. Armpits produce natural oils that bacteria can live in.
  • Do not apply perfume directly on the t-shirt. it will stay on the surface and won’t allow it to work properly.
  • When exposed to strong smells like smoke or food, leave your jeans or t-shirt unfolded in an open space overnight, the smell will gradually go away.
  • Adjust the waist fit of your jeans with the strap inside. Pull or loosen it according to what you like, there's no need to wear a belt.

    • Place your valuables in the hidden anti-theft pockets on your jeans. No one will know they’re there and you'll keep them safe.


     Our fabric is like no other so we advise that you follow our guidelines for taking care of your jeans and t-shirts. To assure optimal performance of our fabrics, contact with oils should be avoided as they remain on the surface and inhibit the fabric from working as intended. (Keep in mind the fabric does not work the same for everyone, it varies according to each person and the amount of sweat they produce).

    • WARNING. Do not use fabric softener when washing your antibacterial clothes. It will create a layer on top of the fabric hindering its properties. 
    • Use a regular washing cycle on your washing machine.
    • Do not tumble dry.
    • For washing jeans, machine wash cold inside out separately. (color may transfer when new)
    • These types of detergents work best for our fabric:

              -Residue free detergents

              -Sport detergents