•  Can the Frenchie Card Holder take cash?

Yes it can!

Just fold the bills and you are ready to go! We recommend it for people who want to have one of the slimmest and smallest wallets on the market.


  • If all the products are RFID blocking can I still use an access card without having to take it out?

Yes you can except for the Carbon Speed Wallet. Carbon fiber is a very strong material. Therefore, most scan machines can't read through it so you would need to take your access cards out to use them. 


The Frenchie Wallet and the Frenchie Key both have RFID blocking capabilities on one side. This will keep your information secure but will still let you use an access card when needed.


The Card Holder has RFID blocking capabilities on just the middle pocket. This will enable you to use up to two access cards, one on each outer pocket.


  • The Speed Phone Wallet came with a plastic film. what is it for? 

For iPhones 8 and up you will need to attach the plastic film to the back of the phone in order to attach the Speed Phone to the cellphone. 






  • How does your shipping work? 


We offer free worldwide shipping on most of our products. We ship to most countries in the world with only a few exceptions. If your country is one of the exceptions you won't be able to purchase at check out. 

We ship through DHL Express. You will receive a tracking number once your order is shipped. 

Most countries don't have to pay for import taxes. If you will be charged import taxes you will read a note at checkout before you complete your purchase indicating that import fees and carrier fees might apply. 

All customers from India and Brasil will be contacted prior to shipping as import taxes are usually high in those countries. We can't offer refunds once products have been shipped and the customer has agreed to pay taxes beforehand.


  • How long does shipping take?
Delivery time changes depending on the products you purchase. Keep in mind that if you order products with different shipping rates, the longest delivery time will apply. Due to high demand shipping currently takes:

 -AirTag Ready Speed Wallet (25 to 35 days) *Includes Pride Edition and Special Editions variants.
AirTag Ready Speed Wallet Mini (25 to 35 days) *Includes Pride Edition variants.

-3 in 1 Sling/Backpack (25 to 35 days)

-Pride Edition Speed Wallet (25 to 35 days)
-Pride Edition Speed Wallet Mini (25 to 35 days)

-SL Speed Backpacks (50 to 60 days)

-MagSafe Speed Case/Wallets (Shipping starts in November)




  • Do you offer any other payment getaway than Paypal?


We offer Amazon Pay and credit card as well. To pay with a credit card fill out your personal information for the shipment and continue with the purchase process. Our website will ask for your card's information to proceed with payment.  


  • Do you offer cash upon delivery


No, all orders must be paid through our website for us to ship the products.