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Speed Cockpit - Update 4

Hi, racers! 

If you’ve been paying attention to our weekly posts, you know we’ve been cooking up a couple of surprises and we are ready to reveal them, so buckle up, cause this project is about to get some speed!

We’ll be launching our Indiegogo campaign on the 26th of August at 9 am GMT-5 and the special surprise for those of you with the reservation is that if you purchase within the first 24 hours of the launch, you'll get the following additional benefits:

  1. A US $100 coupon for you to redeem on our online store in any products you want.
  2. You’ll participate on the giveaway of a track day in the LR01, the LMP 2 killer car we’ve helped develop. The track-day alone is worth 20.000 USD and the winner gets it for free!
  3.     We developed a digital version of the race car and you will get it for free! The version will be available for Assetto Corsa and Rfactor 2.

Remember that in order to be eligible for the benefits mentioned, you must have the membership and you must purchase your Speed Cockpit/Desk/Chair during the first 24 hours following our campaign launch, so keep an eye for the timer!  

Don’t forget to share this project with your sim racing friends! When we launch the campaign, the membership, along with all the benefits mentioned and the 40% off deal won’t be available anymore.



Check out the progress made so far on the LR01 here.

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